It is not a secret that Marin has a reputation

as a place for the rich and the richer.

It is a known hideout for the hip celebrity class who have, or have had, homes hidden in the valleys, on the mountain tops and amongst the tall trees.

Can you keep a secret?

The food scene in Marin has quietly gained popularity among food and wine aficionados in recent years.

Food artisans have honed their craft to perfection and have gained many loyal followers.

Wineries? Dairies? Farms? Celebrity chefs? Marin?

Only one-third of Marin is urban. We like it that way.

Taste Marin travels the streets and backroads of Marin, Sonoma and Napa in search of great food, great wine and great craft beer.

Enjoy your meal with us …

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Culturally Delicious Magazine provides on-demand, video tours through the San Francisco, Marin, Sonoma, Napa and East Bay food and art communities.

Our magazine is an intercultural vehicle for culinary travelers to the San Francisco Bay Area to explore the diverse local food and art communities.

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Marin Photography Tour & Gourmet Lunch

Just across the Golden Gate Bridge you will find picturesque landscapes, mountain vistas, historic ranches, spectacular wildlife and sandy beaches in the back country of Marin County.

It is a world apart from San Francisco.

Are you passionate about exploring and discovering new destinations?

Come visit Taste Marin!

Join us for a guided photography tour by a local photographer to capture great images with stunning perspectives.

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