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Are you ready to look your best online?

Culinary consumers travel the world to find great food experiences.

The San Francisco Bay Area is ranked within the top three metropolitan areas in the U.S. for culinary spending.

Taste Marin provides a one-stop online resource for all-things culinary for the thousands of food lovers searching for the best in food and wine in the Greater Marin area.

Have you considered a video-tour of your restaurant?

We provide a very affordable media to market your business to local and visiting culinary consumers in this very competitive market.

A video-tour of your business will give your prospective patrons an emotional connection to your business that goes beyond a “tweet” from Twitter or a print ad from your local newspaper.

Our very affordable cost is $175.00 for a 3-minute behind-the-scenes video-tour of your company.

How it works:

  1. Flexibility – we are very flexible and experienced in assisting you with presenting your best face to prospective patrons.
    • What is it about your company that you want to shine a spotlight on for your prospective patrons?
  2. Quick Service – from start-to-finish: video-shoot, editing, completed video.
  3. Completed Videos – will be posted to Taste Marin’s and your company’s website.


Are you interested?