Random Acts of Kindness


On Tuesday, October 27, Taste Marin posted tweets about our direct efforts to help community members in-need by anonymously purchasing breakfasts for them.

It started with a friendly couple (elderly man and woman) who were sitting next to me enjoying their breakfasts.

They were really enjoying the moment, talking to everyone and very polite.

Their inner beauty out-shined their tattered clothing and need of dental care.

It was that inner-strength through tough times mentality that endeared me to their conversation.

I engaged them in conversation and they were never a bother; just friendly.

When I finished my breakfast, I asked the cashier if I could pay the breakfast tab for the couple.

She said, “Yes.”  I did, anonymously, and left quickly.

This episode occurred last year during the 2014 “holiday season.”

Since then, I have paid for two more breakfasts.

One was for a mother and her child.

And, recently for a blind woman who was sitting outside of a restaurant one morning asking for donations.

This long-time favorite breakfast spot has great food and friendly conversations.

I noticed that she entered the restaurant and ordered breakfast through the cashier.

I quickly waved over the manager and gave him my credit card.

The manager was very discreet and did not disclose to her why she did not have to pay for her breakfast.


It is the norm during the holiday season to give long-time servers and counter folks a larger-than-usual tip for their great work during the past year.

And, during the holiday season, it is the norm to donate to local community benefit organizations to assist them in their humane efforts to help all community members to lead healthy, productive lives.

Maybe this anonymous act of kindness thing started with me during the old trend of paying toll for the car behind me after crossing the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge.  I don’t know.

Are you on-board?

Make a direct purchase of a meal for a community member in-need.