Simply Fresh

What is not to love about Hawaii?  Gorgeous scenery – check!  Great weather all year – check!  An endless number of ways to have fun – check!  Absolutely awesome food?  This is a big check!

From a culinary standpoint, it is one of the most diverse places in the world.  Many talented chefs draw on local Hawaiian influences from Japan, Korea, Thailand, France and the mainland.  Hawaii is a true melting pot of deliciousness.

Whether you are having an exquisitely fine dining experience in downtown Honolulu or picking up a mouth-watering bento box to take to the beach, you cannot go wrong in the Aloha State.

Last Christmas, my family and I decided to have an impromptu picnic on our lanai.  We were staying at a vacation rental at Bellows Beach.  This is the most incredible beach in all Hawaii. 

We went to the Kalapawai Market, in Kailua.  We purchased some salads, that included some local Nalo greens, some local vegetables, crab cakes, Huli Huli chicken and, for dessert, we found some fresh baked tarts.

Seems like a simple meal, but it was extraordinary.  The freshness of the salad and vegetables was second to none and you could not beat the ambiance there on the lanai with my family overlooking Bellows Beach and hearing the sounds of the crashing waves.  How lucky to be relaxing in a perfect place.

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