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San Francisco is known for its trendy restaurants and Napa is known for its award-winning wines.

And the Golden Gate Bridge is a well-traveled route to and from both regions.

Did you know that some of San Francisco Bay Area’s trendiest restaurants and notable chefs purchase their produce, meat and seafood from an area just over the Golden Gate Bridge?


Two-thirds rural farmland and parks … Welcome to Marin County!


It is not a secret that Marin County is known as a place for the rich and the richer.  It is a known hideout for the hip celebrity class who have, or have had, homes hidden in the valleys, on the mountain tops and amongst the tall trees.

However, in the peaceful surroundings of Marin’s Tomales and Drake’s Bays are incredible oyster farms, dairies, ranches and wineries.

Some of these family farmers have lived in this region for over 100 years.  They are real people, with real stories.

Taste Marin travels to the scenic countryside of West Marin, Southern Sonoma and Napa counties to tour local farms, creameries, wineries, restaurants and breweries for a delicious tasting of locally-sourced food, wine and craft beer.

Bring your taste buds … you will be tasting a variety of fresh local olive oil, cheese, oysters, chocolates, wine and craft beer … deliciously-flavored with the rare terroir of this Northern California region.

Taste Marin creates culinary social experiences in Marin … and beyond.


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