The First Word: Marin Museum of Contemporary Art


The Marin Museum of Contemporary Art (MarinMOCA) is located on Hamilton Field in Novato, California.

Hamilton Field is the former Hamilton Air Force Base that housed military personnel, bomber and fighter aircraft squadrons from 1933 to 1976

The building MarinMOCA is now situated was once the headquarters for the Hamilton Air Force Base.

It comes complete with a former command staff war room.  The war room and building has now been re-purposed into a space for creating magnificent art by MarinMOCA’s artist members.

MarinMOCA was borne from a desire by a group of 13 artists who were meeting in a barn in Marin County.  They approached the City of Novato to rent space on Hamilton Field that had been vacate for twenty years.




Heidi Lagrasta has been the Director of MarinMOCA for one year and three months.

MarinMOCA “is a very special museum.  It is an artist-run museum.  We have 150 artist members.  We are a volunteer-run museum, with a small staff and artists with a lot of passion for sharing art with the community,” says Heidi Lagrasta.

Visiting MarinMOCA means visiting a free museum; there is no admission charge.

“We are hoping to grow a little bit.  We always like to do outreach to the community through our classes for kids and other artists.  We are hoping to add to our sculpture garden so that there is more for people to see when they come here,” says Heidi Lagrasta.

MarinMOCA exhibits new works of art every five weeks.

Heidi Lagrasta says, “We are always working to bring the best and most professional art to the community.”

She goes on to say, “I think what’s important is when you get to know this organization, you get to see how special it is.  We are still sort of a hidden treasure.  I want more people to come here and experience (MarinMOCA) because once you are here and you see what we are about, it is inspiring and you are going to want to come back.  We are a tiny little museum in terms of our budget, and our staff, and we do really big things with it.  We are definitely worth supporting and helping to grow.”


SPECIAL EVENT – TODAY: Support MarinMOCA event on Thursday, April 10 at the Marin Art and Garden Center in Ross:


Images of  MarinMOCA Director Heidi Lagrasta, artworks and students courtesy of MarinMOCA.